Zürich by Foot



Clear strides in all and new directions;

Crisp air in fresh draughts;

Cold winters, warm summers, perfection:

Could it be closer?


I feel it on brückes and on strasses

I hear a still call

I look forward, up, with new glasses

I sense it stand tall


‘Have you forgotten,’ it asks, ‘your past?

How Zwingli stood strong?

Have you known yourself, Grossmünster height?

Hurry not, be still


Take what is good and what is bad too

In steady Swiss stride.

Meandering is good for the soul–

It lets the call wake


Awaken anew, alpenstock heart

Ascend to new peaks

Ascribe to the alps due reverence

Arise on fresh feet


By mountain paths you found the dawning

Before you sailed forth

Beyond your rooted climbing wonder

Because you wend back


The alpen call, a distant echo

The last Swiss sound sensed

The longing soul for vale, lake, mountain

The foot journey home


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